Terminankündigung: Prof. Richard H. Thaler am 17.9.2015 an der Universität Zürich

Auf Einladung des Department of Economics der Universität Zürich referiert Prof. Richard H. Thaler am 17. September zum Thema «You think you’re clever? – Get ready to change the way to think about economics»

Aus dem Programm:

Richard H. Thaler – Professor of Behavioral Science and Economics of the University of Chicago, best-selling author of Nudge and a brilliant and entertaining speaker – who will talk about “Misbehaving” at the University of Zurich.

Have you ever spoiled your dinner by eating too many appetizers? Or did you ever buy ski tickets in ten-packs, because it seemed like a good deal? Would you be willing to wait three years for seats at the Wimbledon final game, rather than get tickets to this year’s first round? According to Richard H. Thaler we are all idiots when it comes to money and there is little we can do about it.

Thaler has spent his career studying the radical notion that the central agents in the economy are humans – predictable, error-prone individuals. “Misbehaving – The Making of Behavioral Economics” is his arresting, frequently hilarious account of the struggle to bring an academic discipline back down to earth – and changes the way we think about economics, ourselves, and the world.

Details zum Anlass

17.09.2015, 18.30 Uhr: Prof. Richard H. Thaler, University of Chicago
University of Zurich, Rämistrasse 71, Rämistrasse 71, Main Hall, KOL-G-201
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