Implementation concept or study

Founded and in detail: implementable prototypes that can be tested.

An experienced team of partners, senior consultants, and consultants, using their senses trained in behavioral economics, develop a tailored behavioral model and derive detailed measures that can be implemented or tested within the framework of a prototype.

Consulting expertise 1 partner & 1 senior consultant plus 1-2 consultants
Wissenschaftliche Expertise Prof. Ernst Fehr
Behavioral model tailored
Hypotheses FehrAdvice, interviews, workshops
BEA database
FABELS For internal generation of hypotheses
Smart Data
Your time 4-6 days preparation
Our time Approx. 25 consultant days
Maximum project duration 8-10 weeks
Delivered services
  • Detailed measures to implement or test (prototypes)
  • Identity as judgment
  • Detailed assumptions about complementarity

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