Mission and values

We strive together for one maxim: making the world better with evidence based solutions.

We will attain this goal thanks to our vision as being perceived as the contact and trusted partner of our clients. We differentiate ourselves with the values of “scientific relevance”, “fairness”, and the “high performance” – these values define our behavior in every situation. The path to our vision is a difficult one, demanding the greatest possible engagement and disciplined implementation from each individual. We can only attain the maximum potential and create an environment where our jobs become a calling if we take care of one another and assist one another in internalizing these values.

What does “scientific relevance as a behavioral maxim” mean?

Working in a scientific manner as a behavioral maxim means that we obey the following basic principles:

  • Model-based: We create a behavioral economic model for each situation; the model describes the most important hypotheses for the problem at hand in the most accurate manner possible. The general rule is that each client need will be looked at with a behavioral economic model.
  • Evidence-based: In our consulting work, we base the content of our work on the methods and scientific results of behavioral economics, which reflect the interdisciplinary interfaces between traditional economics, psychology, sociology, and modern neuroscience.
  • Implementability-based: The evidence-based knowledge must always lead to implementable measures that can be realized in the form of behavioral principles and the resulting recommendations for actions or as frameworks that can be operationally implemented.

What does “fairness as a behavioral norm” mean?

Fairness as a behavioral norm means that we observe the following basic principles in our social behavior:

  • We act cooperatively and are thus prepared to make unconditional preparatory efforts for our clients.
  • We act positively reciprocal with respect to others’ preparatory efforts. This means that we always – whenever possible immediately or at a later time – support others in better attaining their objectives.
  • We respect common agreements, even if we might suffer personal disadvantages from them.

What does “high performance” mean?

On a daily basis, we try to act in a cooperative, relational, and structural manner to:

  • Understand what already works well for us
  • Improve our consulting quality and strive for the highest possible quality of advice
  • Increase our customer satisfaction that is already at a very high level
  • Further develop our consulting approach cooperatively
Consulting identity

Consulting identity

Our consulting approach and our consulting identity stem from our values “scientific relevance as a behavioral maxim”, “fairness as a behavioral norm”, and “improving daily as a claim on ourselves”.