Marketing & Customer Centricity

It is clear that the customer is in the focus of the management’s attention. No successful enterprise can function without loyal customers.

The basic question is: how do I share the value proposition with my customer? Am I taking a transactional margin? Or am I willing to enter into a relationship with the customer in order to gain cooperative identity benefits?

This decision affects product design, communication, price strategy, placement, as well as sellers’ and sales strategies.

Above and beyond this, knowledge from behavioral economics shows that identities have differing behaviors. This means that customers with a cooperative identity behave fundamentally differently than those with a transactional identity – with a different price sensitivity, more loyalty, more recommendation behavior, and a lower customer satisfaction sensitivity. Transactional customer identities also always pose the risk of developing into commodity markets.

We support enterprises in designing and implementing strategic and operative initiatives on the way to customer centricity.

  • Evaluation and implementation of customer identity using an identity framework
  • Evaluation and possible redesign of strategic measures using an identity framework
  • Evaluation and possible redesign of price and product strategies (“zero price trap”, “commodity trap”, etc.)
  • Evaluation of the positioning and accompaniment of repositioning on the market.
  • Development and implementation of a test & learn environment for customers
  • Conversion optimization for mailings and communications measures
  • Evidence based customer journey
  • Effective corporate communication from a behavioral economics point of view.

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