Consulting identity

Our consulting approach and our consulting identity stem from our values “scientific relevance as a behavioral maxim”, “fairness as a behavioral norm”, and “improving daily as a claim on ourselves”.

Our approach and our identity are characterized as follows:

Evidence-based judgment: Consulting based on the newest scientific studies that examine human behavior and that are immediately included in our BEATM database.

Evidence-based advice: Consulting based data we generate ourselves from experiments (online or field experiments) collected for clients in the precise context based on the newest scientific methods.

The objective of FehrAdvice & Partners is to predict the behavior of relevant target audiences with an eye trained in behavioral economics. For this reason, the following consulting characteristics belong to the type of consultant at FehrAdvice:

Comprehensive: The consultant uses knowledge from behavioral economics and ignores his or her own political and ideological beliefs.

Transparent: The consultant clearly states whether the advice has an evidence-based, scientific foundation or is founded on his or her own, subjective experience.

Flexible: The consultant looks at a new perspective or several new perspectives if he or she has doubts about the original one.

Self-critical: The consultant is ready (even though without much enthusiasm) to admit erroneous predictions and to accept responsibility for them if appropriate.

Complex: The consultant accepts that the universe is complex and sometime contains fundamentally unsolvable and inherently unforeseeable problems.

Empirical: The consultant relies primarily on statistically significant observations and the resulting theory instead of on experience.

Simple: The consultant makes solutions to be achieved easily accessible to the client and thus implementable.