Our topics

We create sustainable solutions for the important questions of our time with evidence-based knowledge about human behavior.

    Institutions & Leadership

    Every successful strategy takes human behavior into account. Assessing this correctly is the cornerstone of every successful organization.

    Markets & Regulation

    Every market is subject to certain rules. We need to understand these rules and adjust them as necessary in order to distribution resources fairly and efficiently.

    Digitalization & Education

    Knowledge about human behavior in the digital world is the key to competitive organizations and societies.

    Environment & Energy

    Entrepreneurial actions and human consumer behavior cause negative externalities for the global environment. Do we need intervention & regulation here? And which?

    Society & Aging

    People grow increasingly old, and the demands on society are becoming more complex. Behavioral economics approaches can create the framework for a cooperative life together.

    Compliance & Reputation

    The globally connected world is changing the way we live, work, and communicate; evidence-based compliance and reputation management will create a suitable entrepreneurial culture.

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