About us

Everything in the economy depends on behavior.

Would you let a doctor operate on you if he or she knew nothing about how your body functions? Should you take advice from someone who does not know how people behave?

Our advice is fundamentally different from classical consulting. We are convinced that consulting can only bring relevant results if people are placed at the focus of attention. Only someone who knows how people behave understands how the economy functions – precisely, not always rationally. Behavioral economics leads to another quality of knowledge, namely understanding – and acting.

For that reason, our solutions are based on the newest knowledge from behavioral economic research. We join our empirical knowledge with your data and use this to develop innovative and growth oriented solutions that you can realize.

This creates institutions and markets that are more efficient and serves as the basis for better decisions in our society.

The management team

The management team

Our founding and management team has unique scientific and methodological knowledge, as well as long-term practical experience in management functions in the economy.

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors

A functioning corporate governance is the basis for sustainable management. Our board of directors and its members thus represent our values of scientific relevance and fairness.

Associate partners

We have extended our expert network with our associate partners. Thanks to their long occupational experience, they not only have excellent knowledge, but also are convincing due to their industrial insights. Furthermore, they make a major contribution to our entrepreneurial culture with their personal integrity.