Strategy & policy

The basic question behind every strategy and policy is which relationships exist with my stakeholders. The decision between transactional and cooperative relationships with customers, employees, suppliers, owners, and citizens defines the core of the identity and forms an irreversible frontier for the strategy rooms.

In theory, every strategy is a bundle of measures that can be expected to increase an enterprise’s economic performance to a new, higher equilibrium. The greatest challenge is developing this strategy complementarily to the entrepreneurial culture, identity, and to the customer identity. Only enterprises that take these elements into account can expect success when implementing a new strategy.

We create the basis for innovation and growth – and change human behavior while doing this. We offer:

  • A redesign of entrepreneurial and business strategies
  • Assessment of new business cases and new strategic identities with respect to the chances of implementation with customers and employees (behavioral change)
  • Evaluation and possible redesign of price and product strategies (“zero price trap”, “commodity trap”, etc.)
  • Successful implementation of strategic projects
  • Assessment of existing rules and redesign of new ruling frameworks
  • Assessment of existing policy drafts and measures with respect to their effects on the behavior of the persons involved
  • Design of new policy tools, measures, and the initiatives derived from them

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