FehrAdvice beim World Economic Forum in Davos

Gerhard Fehr und Marcus Veit von FehrAdvice waren zum “Media Tenor Reputation Lab” im Rahmen des World Economic Forum in Davos eingeladen.

Gerhard Fehr referierte bei der Session “Trust Meltdown” zum Thema “Trust & identity: Are these behavioral complements to escape from a bad economic & societel equilibrium?”, Marcus Veit diskutierte zum “Global Agenda Index 2016”,

Aus der Zusammenfassung von Media Tenor

At Media Tenor’s Reputation Lab at the World Economic Forum, Dr. Markus Veit, pointed out that aging, technology, urbanization, and globalization are all key agents for change. “Most people identify as rational” in the face of these challenges, he said, “but that does not mean all decisions are made in a rational way. We must understand how people behave and why.”