Luca Geisseler, CEO & Behavioral Designer
«Not believing, but knowing: following an educational imperative together with our clients is the essence of my advice activities. We find “new” solutions for “old” problems in a dialog with our customers, by turning common assumptions about human behavior quasi from their heads back to their feet.»

Luca Geisseler, CEO & Behavioral Designer

Luca Geisseler is a graduate of the University of Zurich and an expert in the use of behavioral economic knowledge in entrepreneurial practice.

As senior consultant with FehrAdvice & Partners, Luca Geisseler is responsible for sustainable behavioral change, pricing, as well as Test & Learn in the areas of retail, media, policymaking, and mobility.

In successful projects, he has studied how the identity of the customers of an enterprise influences their purchasing behavior, determined the willingness to pay in the media, and generated cooperation between doctors and nursing personnel in a hospital.

Geisseler has the special ability to anticipate the needs of his clients and to use his talents as a storyteller in order to translate complex research results into effective recommendations for action.