Gerhard Fehr, CEO and managing partner
«Solving complex problems with fresh, new ideas is my greatest motivation. The combination of economics, psychology, game theory, and experiments brings new insights daily. I find that very satisfying.»

Gerhard Fehr, CEO and managing partner

Gerhard Fehr has a degree in business administration from the University of Vienna, is a trained journalist, and has more than ten years of management experience in investment banking, the media branch, and the Swiss credit card market.

With his profound knowledge of market mechanisms, entrepreneurial structures, hierarchies, and processes, he was the guiding force behind the development and application of the Behavioral Economics Approach BEATM.

As CEO and founding partner, he sets the targets for FehrAdvice & Partners AG and is responsible for the entire operative development of the enterprise.

His primary emphasis in consulting focuses on the following themes:

  • Compensation systems
  • Pricing policies, marketing, and e-commerce
  • Negotiations strategy
  • Optimization of strategic decision processes.


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