Gerold Bührer, chair of the board of directors
«Behavioral economics is a highly promising further development of classical economic concepts. Both economics and politics will be able to benefit from this new knowledge. I am very pleased to be an active intermediary between science and practice.»

Gerold Bührer, chair of the board of directors

Gerold Bührer is a highly regarded and renowned figure with extensive experience in economics and politics in Switzerland. He has several seats on boards of directors of firms listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange and was a member of the Swiss national parliament from 1991-2007. He served as president of economiesuisse, the Swiss association of business owners.

Gerold Bührer is well known by his extensive experience in corporate governance themes on the one hand, and through his broad knowledge in economic policy topics on the other.

Knowledge transfer from practice into consulting

Thanks to his knowledge, Gerold Bührer contributes to the constant development of the FehrAdvice & Partners entrepreneurial strategy. He supports the continuing improvement of the consulting approach BEATM for politics, corporations, and other stakeholders.

In addition to his activities as president of the board of directors at FehrAdvice & Partners, Gerold Bührer also has various corporate mandates on a national and international basis.