Ernst Fehr, member of the board of directors
«The knowledge we have gained through behavioral economic research still fascinates me as much as it did 30 years ago. Fairness and cooperative behavior are the foundations for the advancement of our society. I am very pleased that I can make now my knowledge available for organizations and for politics.»

Ernst Fehr, member of the board of directors

Prof. Ernst Fehr is one of the leading international proponents of behavioral economics, one of the first researchers in the field of neuroeconomics, and one of the most frequently cited economists in the world. He is a sought after lecturer and partner for leading representatives of economics and politics.

Ernst Fehr has headed the list of the best Swiss researchers in economics for many years. The University of Zurich has occupied the first place in the ranking of the best economics universities in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland for many years.

Transfer of knowledge

Ernst Fehr played a major role in the development of the consulting approach BEATM. As member of the board of directors and a founding partner of FehrAdvice, he guarantees that FehrAdvice and Partners AG customers benefit from the newest knowledge from research.

His internationally renowned insights on the economic and psychological foundations of incentives and the motives behind human behavior in organizations and markets, his regular stays abroad at the world’s best universities, combined with his personal experience in management are the basis for the claim to quality of FehrAdvice & Partners AG.

His focus in consulting emphasizes the following themes:

  • Optimal social and economic incentives
  • Organization and human resources
  • Strategy dynamics
  • Game theory
  • Experimental economics